Friday, August 22, 2008

My Phavorite Phillies Cards: Top Ten List- #1

1. 1973 Topps- Mike Schmidt

Growing up, the Phillies were Mike Schmidt as far as I was concerned. He was quite possibly the greatest player of his generation, the greatest 3rd baseman who ever played the position, and unquestionably the greatest player to ever wear a Phillies uniform.

I got this Schmidt rookie card as a 1 year aniversary from my wonderful wife- I kind of cheated in that I got to pick it out, but still- this a stylish "paper" gift! - for those that don't know, every aniversary gift is supposed to be themed according to some crazy order- 1st aniversary- paper, 2nd aniversary- cotton , 10th aniversary- tin, 50th aniversary- gold- I'm not making this up :)

Anyway, even though this card might not hold the proper aesthetics usually reserved for "My Phavorite Phillies Card":

  • Star player shares card with two lesser players- CHECK
  • Schmidt not sporting his iconic stache- CHECK
  • Card design essentially white border -it's a downright ugly card- CHECK

It still was a major target of my trading wishes as a kid collector- I was on clound nine when I was able to trade for one when I was 12, and even though my collecting jones was dormat when I was forced to sell it for college funds at age 17, it was a sad day when I had to part with it the first time around. This card, I'm glad to say, isn't going anywhere.

So there it is my favorite 11 cards in my current Phillies collection. I hope you enjoyed seeing them, and I'm hoping there will be a way to share this blog with more people- right now I'm afraid it's not too many. Regardless, there will be more posts to come- it's too much fun to stop just yet.


PyroMessiah said...

Hi, I collect Nationals cards and I was wondering if you'd be interested in a trade for some Phillies cards? I've only been collecting again for a few months, so I don't have any earth shattering rare cards or anything, but I'd be happy to send all my Phillies cards for any Nats cards you might have. I just traded with a Yankee fan in this manner any my Nationals cards collection is growing nicely. :-) Anyway let me know what you think and either way thanks for your time!


SteveJeltzPhanClub said...

Hello Chris,

I will take a look, but I'm afraid I probably won't have much in terms of Nationals cards. I collect primarily Phillies cards, and recently donated all of my other cards to a local nonprofit for kids.

I'll see if I have anything, but I'm afraid I'm going to come up short- hopefully I can maybe find something to interest you.

Johngy said...

I always feel bad for guys like Dave Hilton. His rookie card costs a bundle!