Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blog Trade!!! The Great '65 Topps Project!

One of the main reasons I got involved in this Blogging business was to reconnect with my inner 12 year old, and trade some baseball cards. Buying the cards off of ebay is fun and all, but I love making a deal with a fellow collecter, and exchanging cards for other cards. It's the ideal baseball card transaction, in my humble opinion. With that said, I'm happy to announce the first Phillies 4 Me deal- a deal constituted with another great baseball card blog:

Kevin over at '65 Topps approached me regarding whether or not I had any '65 Topps cards towards his ultimate goal of a complete set. Here is what I had to send along to him (with The Phillies duplicates that I was able to trade posted with photos- this is a Phillies site, right?):

Frank Thomas - AKA the Big Crew Cut

John Boozer - Are people with this last name destined to a lifetime of alcoholism- odds have to be increased a little, right?

Gus Triandos- Grumpy Gus is a popular phrase that was possibly started by this card.

Tony Taylor - Taylor remained a member of the Phillies organization as a coach for many years, and was inducted onto the Phillies "Wall of Fame" in 2002 for his years of service.

Alex Johnson - Dude won the A.L. 1970 Batting Crown with the California Angels, hitting .329. That's something, right?

Ray Herbert - If Ray had fangs, I think he'd look a little like Dracula. Count Ray.

Ray Culp- The Phillies had the market on Rays in 1964. Not a lot of Rays around these days. And yes, that was an unintentional rhyme. It happens from time to time.
Along with these Phillies, I sent Kevin these other '65 Topps cards that I somehow managed to own (don't ask me how):

Orioles 1965 ROOKIE STARS (Curt Blefary & John Miller)
Tigers 1965 ROOKIE STARS (Bill Roman & Bruce Brubaker)
Senators 1965 ROOKIE STARS (Pete Craig & Dick Nen)
Twins team card
3rd series checklist (unmarked)
4th series checklist (marked)

Stay tuned- my next post will discuss the booty that I received in return for these gems.

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