Monday, August 4, 2008

Ebay Purchase of the Day: George Anderson 1959 Topps

George Anderson- this guy ring a bell for anyone? Familiar looking face, but still can't place it? Look at the stats on the back, and it doesn't appear that you are looking Hall of Fame great's rookie card.

I'm not sure when George started going by "Sparky", but it's always cool to get Hall of Fame manager's rookie card when they were still playing- all the more awesome when that Hall of Fame manager spent his playing days as a Philadelphia Phillie!

This card fluctuates like crazy on ebay- I got my excellent condition card for the bargain basement price of $5.55! Not bad for a card that routinely goes anywhere between $20 - $150.

The key is how the seller advertises it. Mine was listed as "1959 Topps George Anderson EX cond.". I knew when I saw that listing, that it was going to slip through many people's radars. A "Sparky Anderson 1959 Topps rookie" wouldn't have been this cheap.

Anyway, this post actually has fueled my interest in another manager's rookie card- I have a feeling that I'll be able to get this one even cheaper than Sparky here, and yet it'll be a cool card to own:

And thanks to, I was in fact able to purchase one of these Charlie "Chuck" Manuel rookie cards for $1.50 (postage included). For those other collectors out there, sportslots is a great resource, particularly if you are having a tough time finding specific commons from past baseball card sets.

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