Friday, August 8, 2008

My Phavorite Phillies Cards: Top Ten List- #2

2. 1952 Topps- Richie Ashburn

This is a newer addition, and it shot up the ranks among my favorite cards!

1952 Topps is an iconic set- it was Topps first regular issued set, and everything about it- from the design, to it's star-studed checklist, and ultimately, the short printed Mickey Mantle card which is the most vauable post World War 2 issued card.

This particular Ashburn jumped out at me for it's razor sharp corners- not a common trait for a card that dates back to the early 50's. The shortcomings of the card are obvious- it's miscut, but I can get past that- it's a gorgeous piece of cardboard!

Ashburn, aside from being one of the all-time greatest Phillies players ever, will always hold a place in many a Phillies fan's heart due to his stellar commentating efforts of Phillies games for many years. "Whitey" was partnered with the great Harry Kalas, giving the Phillies arguably the best booth guys in all of baseball.

My favorite Ashburn story happens to be my favorite foul ball story. Legend has it that Ashburn hit a line drive into the stands at old Connie Mack Stadium. The ball struck an elderly woman in the stands, and the game was paused as the medical crew attended her, eventually placing the woman on a stretcher. After the pause, the game resumed and the next pitch resulted in a looping foul ball that managed to reach the moving stretcher, and struck the already insulted female patron again.

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