Monday, June 9, 2008

My Phavorite Phillies Cards- Top Ten List: Part One- 10 through 6

I love Phillies cards!

I love Top Ten lists!

I love starting out by saying I'm going to have a top ten list, and then listing 11 cards!

Here we go- Part One!!! More Exclamation marks!!!!

10. 2001 Bowman Draft Picks- Chase Utley

Random thoughts on the card:
  • Chase is the man- He's my current favorite Phil- Here's his rookie card

  • Cool set design by Bowman in 2001- Love how the black and aqua blue provide some sharp looking borders.

9. 1972 Topps- Steve Carlton (Traded)

  • Carlton was a STUD Ace!

  • In 1972, he had the GREATEST season by any Philly pitcher ever: 27 Wins, 310 Ks, 1.97 ERA, .99 WHIP, all for an awful Phillies team that won a total of 59 wins!?!?

  • This is a cool subset- the first Topps cards that would serve as a prototype for future Topps Traded subsets.

  • It's also a tough to come by high numbered card.

8. 1940 Play Ball- Grover Cleveland Alexander

  • He and Carlton are unquestionably the two greatest pitchers to play in a Phillies uniform (sorry Robin Roberts, Curt Schilling, and Cole Hamels).

  • This card is kind of bizarre- "Ol' Pete" pitched his last game in 1930- For whatever reason, Play Ball decided to include a handful of Hall of Famers in it's set, and as a result, we have a cool Grover Cleveland Alexander card.

  • Absolutely classic card design- they just don't make them like this anymore!

  • I hope I'm wrong about a previous statement, and Cole Hamels moves past Alexander as one of the best two Philles pitchers ever.

7b. 2007 Topps Cards That Never Were- Ryne Sandberg

  • Here is where my blog takes a painful turn- Sandberg, the best 2nd baseman of his generation, in the batting cage in his Phils pinstripes- Somebody call Doc Brown, have him pass along a message to Dallas Green pronto!!!

  • This was an awesome set that was being sold on eTopps- the card is made exactly like it would have looked if Topps decided to include Ryne in it's 1982 Topps Traded set.

  • Can you imagine an infield of 1B Julio Franco, 2B Ryne Sandberg, 3B Mike Schmidt, SS Juan Samuel? The Phillies would have had a title or two to follow their 1980 World Series win...

7a. 1966 Topps- Rookie Stars- Fergie Jenkins & Bill Sorrell

  • Fergie was a Hall of Famer who was basically given to Cubs for spare parts-
    April 21, 1966: Traded by the Philadelphia
    with John Herrnstein
    and Adolfo
    to the Chicago Cubs
    for Larry
    and Bob
    . (courtesy of
  • Interesting "What If" dilemna- if the Phillies held onto Jenkins, would they have dealt for Carlton? Would there have been a need for an ace when they would clearly have already had one?

6. 1979 Topps Burger King- Pete Rose

  • Charlie Hustle in all his Phillies glory- Some of my earliest Phillies memories are of Pete Rose running the bases.

  • The first time I saw this card, I thought it was some kind of super rare, never printed, Topps vault card- Then I found out it was a pretty easy to come by Burger King card- Which is cool- I could actually afford it :)

  • The regular issue 1979 Topps Pete Rose features Rose as a Red- this Burger King set was clearly made after he was dealt to the Phils, making it Pete's first Phillies issued card.


biggdbo said...

"Can you imagine an infield of 1B Julio Franco, 2B Ryne Sandberg, 3B Mike Schmidt, SS Juan Samuel? The Phillies would have had a title or two to follow their 1980 World Series win..."

The only problem is, Franco was years (and a knee injury) away from playing first base. He came up as a shortstop, and was later converted to 2nd base. He was only moved to first after he hurt his knee in 1992. He played some OF (just a little), some DH and then first base - a little with the White Sox in 1994 before moving there regularly when he went to Japan in 1995.

SteveJeltzPhanClub said...

Good point! Maybe we change it around a bit- Sandberg came up as a 3B, maybe we run an infield of:

1B Schmidt, 2B Samuel, 3B Sandberg, SS Franco

It's better than giving playing time to Steve Jeltz, and Rick Schu, right?

biggdbo said...

Haha ... I don't think anything can be better than Steve Jeltz and Rick Schu!