Monday, October 5, 2009

Pile 'O Phils: Best of the Bunch #10

Disappointment- that's the only way to describe how I felt about my recent Ebay lot of Phillies cards. They were in fact all Phillies cards, but it was mostly all junk. I had to dig deep to come up with a top 10 for this blog. But I did it, and here is #10 (and it's #10 for ALL the wrong reasons):

1985 Topps Kevin Gross

This cards is symbolic of the entire of lot of cards- it's a boring mid 80's common of a bad player from a bad team. Kevin Gross cracks the top 10 for one reason- as a result of this purchase, I now have more 1985 Topps Kevin Gross cards than any other individual card in my whole collection. Although I didn't count them, there was well over 100 of these bad boys sitting in my box O' Phillies junk. So doing the math, approx. 10% of all the cards I received were of this guy holding up his glove, staring into the camera with a bad 80's mustache.

Even the back of this card is boring. We learn "Kevin is an accomplished artist, having sold a number of his paintings. He enjoys duck hunting."

I liked Duck Hunt in the '80's too: